Wednesday, 11 June 2008

So had a really busy week this week, on Saturday I went to my friend's daughter's 2nd birthday party, the bouncy castle kept the kids occupied and the alcohol did the trick for the adults (obviously not me due to the fluid restriction.) Luckily the weather held off and fun was had by everyone, I left early though as I was really tired and everyone else went on to town for the night! Here's me and Sarah in the garden, with the bouncy castle in the background! (none of those bottles are mine, they are all Sarah's!!!)

It was back to work for me on Monday after half term, I had actually missed being in the classroom and missed talking with the kids! I don't really see it as work, which is a good thing. Yesterday I went in to work for the morning, and spent the afternoon with Peter and his mum and dad. He is growing up so quick and even managed to say Holly's car, when he greeted me at the door!
Last night I had a fab night out with the girlies for Carrie's 21st! We started off at Uni in her uni room then headed into town for some cocktails (coke for me) and a dance! Here's a picture of us all (before anyone was too tipsy to pose!

And of course there are always some dodgy photos, especially once the alcohol has taken hold, below is Nic trying to give me a drunken kiss (note the lovely expression on my face)!

And of course a girl can't go out without some lipgloss on!

So I've got my op tomorrow, I'm a little bit nervous but I've had the procedure done before so know what to expect! Will update you when I get home, hopefully I won't have to stay in overnight!

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