Saturday, 28 June 2008

I am taking part in the first ever Kidney Research Chester Bridges Walk on 6th July. This is a big challange for me as its 2 miles (doesn't sound alot, but to me it is) and I get tired really easily, but I'm determined to complete it along with my Mum and Dad!

Starting and finishing in the Little Roodee car park, the walk crosses the Old Dee bridge and the Suspension Bridge with a gentle stroll along the Groves. It is a great way of raising money for Kidney Research which focuses on improving the understanding of renal disease, its causes, treatment and management as well as improving patient care.

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It’s also the most efficient way to sponsor me! To see my just giving page click on the widget on the right hand side of my blog or click here.

So please sponsor me!


Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I had an amazing day on Sunday!

We left the house at around 11.30 after a few detours we did finally make it only to find that neither Emily and Emma were there yet anyway! They both turned up about 15 minutes later along with Emma's husband Brad! It was great to meet them all, a little strange as we keep in contact via the internet and I felt I knew them already!

The tournament itself was organised to a T and went without a hitch, thanks to Paula (Ste's mum, who I mentioned in my previous post). The Tighe family made a courageous decision to donate Ste's organs after his death, he saved a total of 5 lives and his legacy lives on in those 5 people today! What an amazing gift to give!

We sold lots of ducks in aid of LLTGL for the Great British Duck Race , if you want more info click here.

We also managed to sign at least 30 people up to the Organ Donor Register, so if one more life has been saved due to Sunday thats fab! If you want to join them you can register here.

All in all it was an amazing day and I met loads of great and inspiring people that make you feel greatful for what you've got! (Thanks Em, Em and Brad, much love x)
Will leave you with some pictures....

Emily, Me and Emma!

Brad wanted some peace and quiet, we lasted a whole 10 seconds!

Emma, Brad and Emily

Emma, Me, Emily and Paula (Ste's Mum)

P.S Quote of the day.... "I don't mind becoming a donor, as long as they don't take my sausage!"

Saturday, 21 June 2008

So I've finally got my uni assignment done! Yay! That means this time next week, I'll be finished for the summer, WOO HOO!

Back to other things I'm really excited about tomorrow as
there is a big fundraiser taking place in Liverpool for Live Life Then Give Life! We are going to hand out lots of organ donor leaflets and hopefully sign a few people up as well! It is held annually in memory of a special young man called Ste Tighe who you can read about here. The event is called the Littlewoods Ste Tighe 5-a-side football tournament and has featured in a local article which can be seen here.

All the funds raised will be going to Live Life Then Give Life, last year they raised £3500 so hopefully we'll be able to match it tomorrow! The local press will probably be involved too which will be good. Another exciting thin about tomorrow is that I will finally get to meet up with Emma and Emily the people who run LLTGL, I talk to them so much and feel I know them yet we have never even met, so that will be fun!

Anyway will let you know how it goes and how much we raise for a great cause!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

My arm is completely back to normal now!!! Can't believe there was no bruising whatsoever!

Had a great week so far in placement, done some sewing with the kids which was fun! All I've got to do now is write a 2,600 word report on my time in placement talking about how I met my targets that I set before I started! I wish they'd just let you enjoy your placement and not have the stress of making you write about it!

There was a major catastrophy on Tuesday, my beloved pink smart car got bashed in the carpark at work! I thought that was bad, but what was even worse was the fact the person that did it, left a note with a bloody fake number!!!! GRRRR!!! Someone must have seen them do it so they didn't want to look like they were running off without leaving a note. I was (and still am) fuming about it! There are some CCTV cameras in the car park but I've got a feeling they won't have picked it up as there are trees obscuring the view! But it's worth looking into!

This is my pride and joy (before the crash) she is fondly known by my friends as "The Fairydust Mobile" as it has a sticker in the back windscreen saying "Powered by Fairydust".

I also sent off for an anniversary present for my bro and his wife and the envelope said "do not bend" and guess what the post man did!? bent it when he put it through the letter box!!!! So I'm going to complain and try and get some compensation for it, cos what was in it (I can't say in case my bro is reading this) Is damaged!!!

No other news really, dialysis has been fine, can't complain! Best get on with writing my report...

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Last night on dialysis the nurse took my dressing off which was stuck like glue to my skin, my eyes were watering it was so sore when she was pulling it. I was left with a lovely red mark were the top layer of skin had come off. She then decided to clean it up by putting pink disinfectant fluid on it which stung like crazy!!!

The wound is just a hole were the tube was inserted, it didn't need any stitches so should just heal in a few days, I have a tiny plaster over it, as I was scared it would get dirt in it or get infected. My arm is fine today, no bruise and no pain which is great and I think warrants a shopping trip to the Trafford Centre, to look for some pink shoes to go with my outfit for a wedding I'm going to in a month (in Ireland)!

I got some Uni results back for some of my assignments yesterday and I'm pleased to say I have passed my 2nd year!!! Not worked out at what level yet, I think it may be a 2.1 I think, I find out on Monday for sure!

Anyway really pleased that the op wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and I'm even thinking of going back to work placement on Monday! No other goss to tell really, other than I may have some exciting news to tell you soon to do with Live Life Then Give Life...

Watch this space.....

Thursday, 12 June 2008

I have posted a blog that I wrote yesterday, but didn't have time to post, so if your reading this, scroll down and read the other one first! Thanks!

I had my fistulaplasty op this morning....

I arrived at the Royal at about 7.30 and the nurse on the day ward immediately said have you been told about the bed problem. I started to panic that I wouldn't be getting it done today, (I hate building myself up only to be told its not going ahead, this has happened on many occasions). She explained there was no bed for me, but the procedure would still go ahead and I would just have to wait on a chair rather than a bed. By this time I was already starting to get hungry as I had been told to have a light breakfast at 5, the lady came round and served breakfast to everyone so I had to sit and watch them eat it with my tummy rumbling! I didn't mind this as I had been told the reason I couldn't have any was that I was going first! I went down to the radiology department about 9 o clock! I went into a cubicle, signed a consent form, got gowned up in a sexy gown that flashes your bum, and then I walked into the theatre about 9.15!!!

I couldn't believe how quick everything was going, even the fistulaplasty itself only took about 40 minutes! It was a bit uncomfortable when they were pushing and pulling at my arm. They also put some dye into my veins to see where the narrowing wa and this sent a burning sensation all down my arm into my fingers which was odd but only lasted a minute or two! Next they inserted a wire, a tube and a balloon into the vein and filled the balloon up with saline! At this point my toes were curling a bit and the nurse checked I was ok as it was very painful for about 30seconds but the pain went immediately when the balloon was let down! They did this one more time and the procedure was done! The tube was taken out and the Doc placed pressure on the wound for 10mins! I was then taken to the recovery room where I stayed for about an hour and a half (dozing off every so often) I was discharged about 12 o clock and was home in time for dinner which was great!

My arm is aching a bit now (especially after typing all this) and I won't be surprised if I have a bruise in the morning when I wake up where the balloon enlarged my vein! But I can't complain, It didn't seem to be as bad as the last time I had it done. Hopefully it has been successful and will mean the aneurysm won't get any bigger. The Doc says I may need some more work doing on it in the future, but to leave it for now and come back for a scan in a month's time, so we'll just have to wait and see! Will keep you posted!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

So had a really busy week this week, on Saturday I went to my friend's daughter's 2nd birthday party, the bouncy castle kept the kids occupied and the alcohol did the trick for the adults (obviously not me due to the fluid restriction.) Luckily the weather held off and fun was had by everyone, I left early though as I was really tired and everyone else went on to town for the night! Here's me and Sarah in the garden, with the bouncy castle in the background! (none of those bottles are mine, they are all Sarah's!!!)

It was back to work for me on Monday after half term, I had actually missed being in the classroom and missed talking with the kids! I don't really see it as work, which is a good thing. Yesterday I went in to work for the morning, and spent the afternoon with Peter and his mum and dad. He is growing up so quick and even managed to say Holly's car, when he greeted me at the door!
Last night I had a fab night out with the girlies for Carrie's 21st! We started off at Uni in her uni room then headed into town for some cocktails (coke for me) and a dance! Here's a picture of us all (before anyone was too tipsy to pose!

And of course there are always some dodgy photos, especially once the alcohol has taken hold, below is Nic trying to give me a drunken kiss (note the lovely expression on my face)!

And of course a girl can't go out without some lipgloss on!

So I've got my op tomorrow, I'm a little bit nervous but I've had the procedure done before so know what to expect! Will update you when I get home, hopefully I won't have to stay in overnight!