Thursday, 12 June 2008

I have posted a blog that I wrote yesterday, but didn't have time to post, so if your reading this, scroll down and read the other one first! Thanks!

I had my fistulaplasty op this morning....

I arrived at the Royal at about 7.30 and the nurse on the day ward immediately said have you been told about the bed problem. I started to panic that I wouldn't be getting it done today, (I hate building myself up only to be told its not going ahead, this has happened on many occasions). She explained there was no bed for me, but the procedure would still go ahead and I would just have to wait on a chair rather than a bed. By this time I was already starting to get hungry as I had been told to have a light breakfast at 5, the lady came round and served breakfast to everyone so I had to sit and watch them eat it with my tummy rumbling! I didn't mind this as I had been told the reason I couldn't have any was that I was going first! I went down to the radiology department about 9 o clock! I went into a cubicle, signed a consent form, got gowned up in a sexy gown that flashes your bum, and then I walked into the theatre about 9.15!!!

I couldn't believe how quick everything was going, even the fistulaplasty itself only took about 40 minutes! It was a bit uncomfortable when they were pushing and pulling at my arm. They also put some dye into my veins to see where the narrowing wa and this sent a burning sensation all down my arm into my fingers which was odd but only lasted a minute or two! Next they inserted a wire, a tube and a balloon into the vein and filled the balloon up with saline! At this point my toes were curling a bit and the nurse checked I was ok as it was very painful for about 30seconds but the pain went immediately when the balloon was let down! They did this one more time and the procedure was done! The tube was taken out and the Doc placed pressure on the wound for 10mins! I was then taken to the recovery room where I stayed for about an hour and a half (dozing off every so often) I was discharged about 12 o clock and was home in time for dinner which was great!

My arm is aching a bit now (especially after typing all this) and I won't be surprised if I have a bruise in the morning when I wake up where the balloon enlarged my vein! But I can't complain, It didn't seem to be as bad as the last time I had it done. Hopefully it has been successful and will mean the aneurysm won't get any bigger. The Doc says I may need some more work doing on it in the future, but to leave it for now and come back for a scan in a month's time, so we'll just have to wait and see! Will keep you posted!

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  1. hey sweetie, glad it went ok, was thinking of you. Rest that arm up! xxx