Thursday, 19 June 2008

My arm is completely back to normal now!!! Can't believe there was no bruising whatsoever!

Had a great week so far in placement, done some sewing with the kids which was fun! All I've got to do now is write a 2,600 word report on my time in placement talking about how I met my targets that I set before I started! I wish they'd just let you enjoy your placement and not have the stress of making you write about it!

There was a major catastrophy on Tuesday, my beloved pink smart car got bashed in the carpark at work! I thought that was bad, but what was even worse was the fact the person that did it, left a note with a bloody fake number!!!! GRRRR!!! Someone must have seen them do it so they didn't want to look like they were running off without leaving a note. I was (and still am) fuming about it! There are some CCTV cameras in the car park but I've got a feeling they won't have picked it up as there are trees obscuring the view! But it's worth looking into!

This is my pride and joy (before the crash) she is fondly known by my friends as "The Fairydust Mobile" as it has a sticker in the back windscreen saying "Powered by Fairydust".

I also sent off for an anniversary present for my bro and his wife and the envelope said "do not bend" and guess what the post man did!? bent it when he put it through the letter box!!!! So I'm going to complain and try and get some compensation for it, cos what was in it (I can't say in case my bro is reading this) Is damaged!!!

No other news really, dialysis has been fine, can't complain! Best get on with writing my report...

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  1. Oh thats shocking the pennelop pitstop mobile being bashed :O . Look round the car park for pink scrapes on dull cars lol. Pleased to here your arms ok now.