Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I had an amazing day on Sunday!

We left the house at around 11.30 after a few detours we did finally make it only to find that neither Emily and Emma were there yet anyway! They both turned up about 15 minutes later along with Emma's husband Brad! It was great to meet them all, a little strange as we keep in contact via the internet and I felt I knew them already!

The tournament itself was organised to a T and went without a hitch, thanks to Paula (Ste's mum, who I mentioned in my previous post). The Tighe family made a courageous decision to donate Ste's organs after his death, he saved a total of 5 lives and his legacy lives on in those 5 people today! What an amazing gift to give!

We sold lots of ducks in aid of LLTGL for the Great British Duck Race , if you want more info click here.

We also managed to sign at least 30 people up to the Organ Donor Register, so if one more life has been saved due to Sunday thats fab! If you want to join them you can register here.

All in all it was an amazing day and I met loads of great and inspiring people that make you feel greatful for what you've got! (Thanks Em, Em and Brad, much love x)
Will leave you with some pictures....

Emily, Me and Emma!

Brad wanted some peace and quiet, we lasted a whole 10 seconds!

Emma, Brad and Emily

Emma, Me, Emily and Paula (Ste's Mum)

P.S Quote of the day.... "I don't mind becoming a donor, as long as they don't take my sausage!"


  1. What a fantastic day!!!!!!!!!! I wish i had my eyes open on the picture ha ha.....I hope if anything the day inspires many people to get registered as the "Gift of Life" is the most precious thing anyone can give.....Love always Paula Tighe (Ste Tighes Mum) xxxxxxxxxx

  2. LOL I loved that quote too ;)

    was awesome to meet you all - felt like we'd met before though!

    What an inspirational day eh? Loads of love treacle xxx

  3. I wonder what he thought we would be planning to do with "his sausage"...? Haha! Had such a fantastic day and the highlight was meeting you and Paula. Big huggles xxxx

  4. lovely piccies of you all :D

    take care all best for your sponser walk :D x