Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Thank you!

Just a quick blog to say thank you for your continued support not only for me but for the campaign itself, it is much appreciated.

A few of my friends both pre and post transplant are having a rough time at the minute so I am thinking of them lots and this inspires me even more to keep going with the campaign and taking it forward.

Still working hard on this dissertation as well as my pitch for Ed Balls which I am getting some advice on before I send it off.

I am also filling out an application for a prize at university, I have been asked to fill it in by the volunteering service... I am still not 100% sure that I am going to send it off as I feel a bit embarrassed/uncomfortable putting myself forward for it. I didn't start the campaign up to get recognition.... I do it because I want to help over 8000 people on the transplant waiting list receive a second chance at life like I have done.

So Sign Up, Spread the Word and Save Lives!



  1. Please send the application form off. You really deserve some recognition for the huge amount of work you've done to raise awareness of organ donation. I know that's not why you began the campaign, but I'm sure it'd be lovely to be recognised for all that you've done. And gaining some recognition may well inspire others to volunteer or campaign too :)

    Moll x x

  2. Aww Holly, you should send it off! Obviously the aim was to get people to sign up but you worked really hard and acheived great numbers and if someone wants to reward you for that, that's great =)

    And Molly's right, if you get the prize it will just raise more awareness.

    Hope you're having a good Easter!

    Lots of love


  3. DO IT. Fill that application in. Otherwise send it to me and I'll fill it in for you :P