Friday, 3 April 2009

Please Repost!

On Tuesday 7th April, people all over the UK are going to be doing something big. Very big.

They're going to take two minutes to become a hero.

Please repost this flyer wherever you can to help spread the word and encourage people to be proactive in spreading the word.

It takes two minutes to save lives. Get involved, Be a hero: Put the Kettle on!

Thank you.


  1. Have just reposted the flyer on my blog :) Well done with all your preparations for Donor Day, I'm sure it'll raise a lot of awareness.

    Moll x x

  2. Just reposted the flyer on my blog too. Excellent work, what a brilliant campaign.

  3. Havwe reposted the flyer on my blog: :) Well done for everything your doing - i hope all goes well tomorrow!

    Becky xxx

  4. I hear that Donor Day was a huge success and look forward to seeing your update on it. (I have put in a friend request on facebook so I can see your updates on there). Well done, I'm sure that you will have given hope to many people on the waiting list.