Thursday, 9 April 2009

Please scroll down and read the previous posts as I have had a busy few days blogging....

We travelled back from London after some final filming with the Battlefront crew, all the filming for this is now done!

On my way back to Warrington I received a phone call from a tv company called North One TV saying they were interested in doing a documentary on Organ Donation and would be interested in hearing my story! I really need to concentrate on University and my dissertation at the minute. The filming for Battlefront wasn't without stress and so I will have to think carefully if I want to be tied to another film crew. I suppose it depends how often they would want to film and what they want to film! Anyway I didn't say no... so watch this space!

Other news... I am now being followed by Sarah Brown on Twitter! I sent her a message saying how thrilled I was to receive the Prime Minister's support. She replied... "Happy to have support the campaign. Congratulations on Donor Day. All the best Sarah Brown"

I also got a great message from the lovely Ben Shephard on twitter which said... "
Holly it was great to meet you and what a huge result for donor day, your website and challenge is inspirational"

I did an interview today for Real Radio (North West) 105.4 - it was a recorded one. The reporter came to my house and it went well, he then went on to speak to Nicola Stitt who helped to man a Donor Desk at The Royal Liverpool Hospital! This will be aired tomorrow at some point so for those of you who live in the North West listen out for it... or you can listen online here.

I have also had interest from the Manchester Evening News and they are hoping to run a story on my success with Donor Day!

I have now got to write a pitch of my campaign for the Rt Hon Ed Balls who I met last week. All the Battlefront campaigners were invited to do this so that he can read them and then try and find people who could help take each campaign forward! I have never written a pitch before so I am unsure how to word it, but hey, I will give it a go and let you know how I get on!

So although Donor Day is over I am still quite busy concentrating on my dissertation for the moment, so may be quiet for a while... normal service will resume shortly!


  1. It's so cool to read all of what was going on behind the scenes on Donor Day! The media frenzy is insane! Hope you have had some good rest today missy! Well done for everything, you're an absolute star. Can't wait to catch up soon over a nice relaxing lunch with Emily etc!
    ps. oh and thanks for the name drop in your blog :D glad you like the pics! x

  2. OOoo your welcome you and Oli are fab and I can't wait to meet up stress free! yay!

    Will put a link to your blog on you name - I knew there was something I forgot! x

  3. well done Holly for all your hard work and dedication- appreciated by so many.....

    take care Elaine & Rach xx