Tuesday, 28 April 2009

So this week I had a couple of telephone interviews...

One was for a voluntary magazine called Engage, they basically wanted to know all about my campaign and how I used new media to promote it. They want me to be on the front cover too!

So if you don't know already I thought I would pass on all my social networking links here:

The Gift of Life Website
Battlefront Page
Facebook Group

These were all great ways of getting the word out there about Donor Day and encouraged many people to donate their status's to the campaign and change their profile pics!

Lucy at Engage was also interested in how I wanted to carry on with my campaign... the thought hadn't even crossed my mind as I was busy concentrating on my dissertation!
Obviously I want the campaign to continue, I want to keep spreading the word and it is something I feel passionate about! She was wondering if I wanted to turn it into a charity... It is something I will have to think about and consider in the future... is it a lot to handle on my own? (I know I have great support from Volunteers and LLTGL) Would it be better as a campaign or a charity? What are the implications? Lots of questions and lots of thinking to do....

The other interview was with a man from my university discussing the prize (that I nominated myself for, after some persuasion) He again just wanted to know about the campaign and how it came about, but focusing more on what skills I have learnt and how this will transfer to my career in the future! I will know If I have won the prize in the next few weeks... I'll keep you updated!

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