Thursday, 27 March 2008


Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates hope you had a Happy Easter!

My Auntie came over from Northern Ireland for a week (she goes home tomorrow) so this has been nice, by the next time she comes over there will be a new addition to the family (my little niece or nephew), talking of which my sis-in-law is showing!!! This is really exciting, only 6 more days till we find out the sex of the baby!!!

So back to Easter, I had a lovely Easter Sunday, I spent the afternoon with my uni friends which was lovely, I’d not seen them in a couple of weeks because we’ve not been in uni. So we all went round to our friend Hanne’s she had started hiding the eggs for the Easter hunt, which was meant to be for her daughter Ellie but we were all just as excited! There were little arrows pointing to where the eggs were and we even had a little egg and spoon race then spent the rest of the afternoon chatting! Then I came home and had a lovely Sunday roast with the family Turkey and all the trimmings finished off with half an Easter Egg!!!

No other news really my arm is still sore and the bruise seems to be getting bigger and darker each day also the uni article is coming along well, not quite finished yet though! Got three more assignments due in on the next 3 Wednesdays so I better get my bum in gear and get some work done!

Right speaking of uni work I’d best get some done…

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