Thursday, 20 March 2008

Newspaper article...

I have been asked to do an article for my university newspaper, I’m very excited about this as hopefully it will raise more awareness of kidney failure and organ donation.

I am struggling to fit the past 3 years of my life into 700 words and portray what life is like for me on dialysis. I want to put across how uncertain the future is whilst waiting on the transplant list the fact that the call could come at anytime, tomorrow, next week, next month or even in 5 years time!

If the article makes even one person sign the organ donor register then it will be worth it as over 8000 people in the UK like me need an organ transplant to save or radically improve their lives. However due to the chronic shortage of donors, 450 people die each year waiting. The ever growing demand for transplants means that waiting lists are rising each year. When asked 90% of people say they agree with organ donation but only just over 20% have signed the register!

To sign the organ donor register click here or ring 0845 60 60 400.


  1. Wow that's fantastic Holz - well done! :o) Can you get me a copy of the article when it comes out? I bet lots of people will sign up after reading your story. Any chance you can mention a little line about LLTGL - e.g how you are our advocate and may be about the super cool T-shirts they can buy to support organ donation hehe? ;o)

    Hope you have a lovely Easter. I'm off on holiday soon so I expect you to have your new kidney when I get home as people always get called when I'm abroad LOL!

    Loads of love, Emma xxxx

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