Sunday, 9 March 2008

Jimmy Carr

So this week has been a bit of a nightmare my mum and dad have had a tummy bug and have been really ill, they caught it off the little boy I was talking about in my last post. Thankfully I have managed to avoid it and have tried to keep as far away from them as possible (in the nicest way obviously).

My dad usually takes me to dialysis and mum picks me up, dad was too ill on Friday so mum took me (this was a bad idea) she hadn’t eaten for two days so was pale and wobbly, she dropped me off and I sent her on her way hoping she made it home without being sick (she looked awful). So I didn’t want her to come and pick me up and make herself worse so thankfully my big bro came to the rescue and picked me up! So I’m hoping they’re both over the worst of it and are on the mend.

So last night mum, dad, bro, his wife Fiona and I were all due to go on a night out to see Jimmy Carr on his latest tour (repeat offender). Mum and Dad were too ill and so I invited one of my friends and Fiona invited her sister. We had a great night, Jimmy was very funny but extremely rude, and he even managed to take the mick out of someone waiting for a kidney transplant! We queued up at the end of the show to meet him and get DVD’s and programmes signed. I let him know that I wasn’t impressed about the joke and told him I was waiting for a kidney transplant, he was a bit taken aback but his words were “Well you look pretty f***ing well though don’t you?” to which I replied thanks, he was lovely, so I forgave him and he wished me luck with my wait.


  1. Glad you had a great time Holz and also glad you avoided the tummy bug! May be you should give Jimmy Carr a guilt trip and get him to make a big fat donation to LLTGL as penance LOL ;o) Loads of love xxxx

  2. Aww it was so funny seeing Jimmy Carr! Even funnier when we met him afterwards!