Friday, 14 March 2008

The Trafford Centre...

Last night I went to the Trafford centre with 2 friends of mine, a lad I dialyse with called Gary and Steph who I used to dialyse with but she received a transplant before Christmas, I miss her lots at the unit but so glad she is doing well and is free of dialysis and can get back to some sort of normality. Us three are the youngest at the unit me being the baby (21) then Gary (he will be impressed I’ve called him a lad he is 28) and then Steph (30).

So Steph picked me up from my house around 5.30 and we set off in rush hour traffic for the T centre (which was a bad idea) a journey that would usually take 30mins took over an hour! We were texting Gary every so often to check his progress and of course (being a man) he was running late or maybe it was the fact that he didn’t set off till 6.30 which was the time we were meant to meet him at! We arrived and decided that Gary was going to be ages so we should go to Selfridges and look at all the stuff we couldn’t afford!

After that we wandered round and looked for a place to have tea, we settled on a place called HA HA bar and grill. Gary eventually turned up an hour late! So we ate around 9.00 it was lovely I had good old steak and chips and we stayed at the restaurant chatting for ages, mainly about kidney related stuff as it’s the one main thing we all have in common! Anyway a fab night was had by all and a cheap night too as Gary was as ever a gentleman and paid for everything! So we’ve decided we’re going to make it a regular thing and take it in turns to pay, my treat next time so I’m taking the oldies Ice-skating and then for a Chinese!


  1. In defence of those of us who are 28, we are not old!

  2. Sounds a fab day! Sending some hugs your way xxx

  3. 28= old?!?!!? I'm 29- hmmmph!