Tuesday, 18 March 2008

So not much to blog about really, had dialysis last night and a nurse that hadn't been in for a while needled my fistula, she didn't know which way the blood flowed in my arm and didn't ask me before she started! Eventually when she realised she wasn't getting any blood in the syringe she asked me which way the needle usually goes in (I don't usually look so she is lucky I knew the answer) turns out she was going in the completely wrong direction, the result being a very sore arm today! Ah well at least she'll know next time!

Me and my mum went to get our hair cut and coloured today, I’ve gone for a change and had a red/brown colour put on mum went for her usual wacky purple streaks!

I had an exciting invite yesterday; my bro and his wife Fiona have asked if me and my mum want to come along to a 3D scan they’re going to have of the baby! This will be on the 10th May and by that time Fiona will be 25 weeks gone, and will have had her 20week scan so we’ll know what sex the baby is!

The whole family are really excited and my bro even bought a bottle sterilizer the other day on his own!!!

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