Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Warrington HQ

So my Mum and Dad (and me, if I am honest) have become increasingly worried about the workload I have taken on so soon after my transplant! I am finding it hard to juggle going to university, work on my dissertation, campaigning and filming and not forgetting hospital and blood appointments! I spoke to Battlefront/Raw television about my concerns as did my Mum and Dad and they were really supportive and have suggested I stay up in Warrington (instead of travelling to London) and have my HQ up here and conduct/delegate from here!

Luckily I have great help in my Mentor Oli Barrett and the lovely Emily T from LLTGL!

This has relieved some pressure from me, although I am slightly stressed about plans for Donor Day and it all coming together on time! I am sure it will all be fine! I will still be going down to London for the Battlefront gathering on the 30th March and again for Donor day and the days leading up to it!

So not much other news to tell really. I have been busy working on my dissertation most of the weekend, although I did have the night off on Saturday to go and see the very funny Jimmy Carr! I went in to town with some friends for a bit of a dance and a few beverages as you can see from the pics:

and after....

Today I spent a lovely afternoon with the fabulous Pauline Weaver from the Donor Family Network.

I first had the privilege of meeting Pauline at an Organ Donation Conference in Manchester where I went with Emily a few days before my transplant! Today we chatted about her latest plans for the Donor Family Network and how she is going to help me on Donor Day which is great! She also hopes to get more families from the DFN to come to some of the Donor Desks on the day as well!

We also talked about writing to Donor Families (which I am in the process of at the moment). It is the hardest letter I have ever had to write but I hope it brings some comfort to the Donor Family when I do send it. I am also hoping to attend the Donor Family service in Birmingham with my family in July.This is where donor families and recipients come together to share their experiences and remember the special people who through organ donation gave the gift of life.

Pauline kindly did a flip video for me which I will be uploading to my Battlefront page a.s.a.p!

Remember if you want to get involved in Donor Day/Donor Desks do get in touch via email and I can send you further information!


  1. Glad you moved your HQ to home! I know only to well that feeling of 'taken on too much after transplant'! Rest lots and don't stress! Can't wait to see you on Donor Day!! xxx

  2. Wooo Can't wait to see you too! Will let you know as soon as I can about a location for the Donor Desk!

    Would you be up for the photocall the day before too? somewhere in London? Hope you are ok and having a fab time in OZ! x