Friday, 20 March 2009

Donor Desks, Celebs and Dissertation!

Been a busy week again this week!

I've seen my sis-in-law and niece a few times, she has just learnt to wave and clap, which is soooo cute and has just got her first tooth coming through, shes growing up so quickly!

My mentor Oli Barrett has been going to meetings about Donor Desks on my behalf which I am really grateful for, he managed to organise one at the University College Hosptal in London and one at Canary Wharf - which is the one I am hoping I will mann!

On other campaign stuff - I have been contacting celebrities managers/agents to get their support on Donor Day - I have had a couple of replies for quotes backing my campaign which is great but I am really hoping to get some hands on support from a celebrity on the day or at least at the photocall the day before! Speaking of which I am looking for people who are waiting or have received a transplant to be in the photograph - maybe holding up the letters spelling out The Gift of Life! This would take place in London, if you are up for it, let me know! Also if you happen to know any celebrities drop me a line! hehe!

Dissertation, arghhh, even the word is irritating me! But I am determined to get cracking on it this week. I have written about 3000 words... only another 6000 to go! It is about the partnership between parents and practitioners in a reception class. I've gathered all my data via interview and questionnaires all I need to do now is analyse it and relate it back to theory and literature! Fun, Fun, Fun!

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