Friday, 13 March 2009

Donor Desks...

I have had some volunteers come forward to set up their own Donor Desks but I want lots more so I thought I would give you some more information to tempt you into volunteering yourselves!

I hope it is helpful, but if you need anymore information then let me know!

To mark World Health Day (7 April 2009), I am organising a Donor Day, as part of my campaign The Gift of Life, to encourage more people to sign up to the Organ Donor Register. The aim is to talk to people about Organ Donation and encourage them to be pro-active and sign up.

What do I need you to do?

To run your own Donor Desk! This is essentially a desk/table/stall you will set up with the aim of getting people signed up and accosting people to chat about organ donation and hopefully correct some of the myths floating around.

How hard is it?

It’s soooo easy! First things first: where are you going to host your desk? Try to find somewhere where you’ll be able to reach lots of people, maybe a workplace or perhaps you can secure somewhere public like in a shopping centre. Next, find some helpers (it’s so much more fun with more than one!). How can you make your Donor Desk attractive? What might draw people over? UK Transplant provide lots and lots of free goodies such as balloons and sweets, check out: for lots of promotional materials and more info and don’t forget to add my campaign number 1815 in place of the number at the bottom right hand corner of the Organ Donor registration form. Also if you want to get people signed up via a laptop and the internet, don’t forget to use the link that is on my Battlefront page which is here: or the direct link is this:

NB: Materials can take up to two weeks to arrive after ordering so leave plenty of time. Maybe consider dressing up or painting your faces or something to get people to wander over
! Why don't you create your own event on facebook to publicise Donor Day and your Donor Desk? I already have, click here to see mine!

What’s your main aim?

To get as many people signed up as possible. Try and have lots of pens on hand so people can fill the leaflets in there and then and you can post them in a bundle after the event. Encourage those who sign up to take away some to give to friends and family. Are you personally connected? Don’t be afraid to share your story; people are curious and hearing from someone who has been affected will probably mean a great deal more than any figures you can throw their way.

What if you need help?!

All you have to do is ask! You can contact me on or Emily (one of my helpers) on We are happy to support, advise, or anything else we can do so please just give us a shout if you need anything. Make sure you let me know in advance where your desk will be so I can promote it through my campaign for you and please take lots of pics!

We are hoping to set up a text service for the campaign so people will be able to sign up to the register via text and it will register as part of the campaign, which will be a great way of measuring how successful we have been! When I hear more information on this I will let you know!

Thanks for your support and let's hope we can get lots of people signing up and ultimately save lives!

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  1. This sounds great hun...loving it! I'm gonna see how I get on with being in hosp and that but will try and see if can get sme mates to help me out!!! Hope life is treating u well hun??