Thursday, 12 March 2009


So today the team from Raw television (who are filming Battlefront) came up to Warrington to film me out in the town centre asking people about their thoughts on Organ Donation.

I was really nervous about approaching people at first but soon got into the swing of things! Everyone was really friendly and approachable! It was interesting to hear people's views on Organ Donation and their reasons why they had or had not signed up to the Organ Donor Register! The main reason why people hadn't signed up was the fact that they didn't want to think about dying, but as I have said before, people like Jess and others on the waiting list have to face this prospect everyday so people should be able to think about their own mortality for two minutes while they sign up!

It was also interesting to hear someone say that they didn't know how to go about signing up to become an organ donor! I was shocked! It just shows you there isn't enough education/information out there! People, mainly ones who aren't affected by Organ Donation had a lack of understanding, one lady said that she was scared of blood tests, to which I politely tried to reply with the fact that it wouldn't really matter because she would be dead!

Another topic that kept coming up was the fact that people didn't want to donate their organs to someone who wasn't deserving of them. I don't know if I am talking out of line here but I think that is largely due to the fact of George Best receiving a liver transplant and not treating it like the precious gift it is, by returning to drinking! I replied to one of the chaps that I had in fact received a kidney transplant myself, to which he apologised, went red and looked quite guilty about what he had said! I wasn't offended though as this was the whole point of the exercise, to hear the myths and misconceptions people have about Organ Donation!

Hopefully I can do some research on some of these myths and misconceptions and encourage more people to sign up!

After that we went for a quick bite to eat and then headed up to the Dialysis Unit in Warrington where I used to dialyse 3 times a week! It was strange going back and seeing people in a similar situation to what I was in a few months back. It makes me more determined to keep campaigning and fighting for people still on the waiting list. This is me when on dialysis... the only 2 pictures I have...

Being back there brought lots of memories, some good some not so good! I am grateful to have the freedom to be able to do all this organ donation awareness. There is no way I could have done this before receiving my transplant, I just wouldn't have had the energy!

All in all it was a great day and hopefully it will encourage the people I talked to this morning to go home and think about signing the register!


  1. I'm glad you had a good day and hopefully, like you say, some of the people you spoke to might now join the organ donor register. I found it very interesting to read about some of the views on organ donation you met. I'm amazed that someone didn't know how to sign up, it shows more education is needed.

    Keep up the good work!
    Moll x x

  2. I'm glad your day went well - I have to say I hadn't even thought about joining the organ donor register until I read some of the stories and got involved with 'PostPals', and realised what a waste it would be if I wasn't signed up and something did happen to me. If I die, I want someone else to have a chance at life - so I've signed it now!I'm finding it very interesting to read about all your work, keep it up! Becky x

  3. I remember only a couple of years ago when I met this lovely young lady who was struggling with dialysis 3 times a week, felt unwell a lot of the time and was so nervous about appearing in the local newspaper that she asked us to put her Mum's phone numbers on press releases so that she wouldn't have to speak to any journalists herself.

    Her name was Holly...ring any bells? Haha!

    Seriously girl, you're doing awesomely and its great to hear how well and full of energy you are. World watch out...Holz is about! xxxx