Monday, 5 May 2008

Thought I'd backdate some posts to fill you in on the mad busy week I have had. It all started on Saturday with preparations for my "do" on Sunday. We picked up my MASSIVE cake from Frodsham (Devonshire Bakery) it was fab!

There's a funny story behind it as well... bit spooky actually, some of you will know that I post on a forum called the Kidney Patient Guide. Well I received a private message off a fellow poster saying they had met me on Saturday. I was very confused until I read further and discovered the lady (Emma) actually worked in the bakery and had brought m
y cake out to the car, so I'm glad she contacted me, and hopefully we'll stay in touch! (Hello Emma, if you're reading this :o) thanks for getting in touch.)

So back to the preparations, lots of party food nibbles were bought and my hair was put in rollers and my mum and dad spent the afternoon decorating the house with banners and balloons. It looked fab!
On the Sunday, I spent the day resting and conserving my energy for the late night, then spent a few hours getting ready, putting my "slap" on and taking my rollers out! My friends started arriving around 5, food was eaten and a few presents opened. My uni friends bought me a make-over photo shoot for two which is fab! Think I'm gonna take my mum, it takes 5 hours in total and I'm sure it'll be a fab day and they also got me a "build a bear" birthday bear, called tinkerbell, who appears in the photo below!

The pink limo arrived at 6 and lots of photos were taken!

We then hit the road to Blackpool and headed for Funnygirls, for those of you who don't know its a drag queen/transvestite cabaret show! However I didn't check the tickets properly and it turned out you needed to have ID to get in, everyone had ID bar one, and they wouldn't let her in. They weren't budging and in the end her dad had to drive all the way to Blackpool to drop her driving licence off! The show itself was hilarious as all the waiters were drag queens as well! You had to be broadminded as some of the comments were a bit risque but hey it was a great laugh and my dad even managed to pull one of the drag queens ;o)!

A different limo picked us up, this time a pink hummer, it was gorgeous and meant we got the best of both worlds having 2 different limos! We headed back to Warrington town centre to finish the night with a drink and a dance in a club called Level. All in all a good night was had by everyone!!!

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