Saturday, 10 May 2008

Last night I went to a wedding reception straight from dialysis, Mum had been to the wedding in the day but I was working all day so I couldn't go. It was a lovely night, the weather was so nice we were able to sit out in the garden of the pub! It wasn't a late one, we were home by 10.30 as we had an early start this morning!

The picture below is of me (looking a bit dopey after dialysis) and the bride!

We had to get up early because me and my parents had been invited to go to a 3d scan of my niece! It was absolutely amazing, so clear and detailed, you could see all her tiny fingers and toes, it even looked like she was smiling at one point! We saw he heart and heard it beating too! I paid for the scan, DVD and pictures as a pre-baby present for my bro and his wife. I can't wait for her to arrive, only 102 days to go...

In other news, I received an email from the charity Transplants In Mind telling me that I feature in this months edition of their newsletter! Not too keen on the picture but hey if it gets one more person to sign the organ donor register than thats fine by me! To read the news letter click here, I appear on page 4!


  1. Awww Holly that baby is so cute! And what a gorgeous present to get for your brother and his wife! Its so amazing to be able to see him/her in such detail.

    I saw you in their newsletter last week, I didn't know you didn't know about it or I'd have texted you straight away. I think you look lovely in the photo though - where was it taken?

    Hope you have a lovely weekend xxxx

  2. The baby is a girl! was amazing to see her, a bit surreal!

    I had no idea about the newsletter, the photo was taken ages ago by the Warrington Guardian in my house!

    Hope you are ok hun?

    Much love x