Wednesday, 21 May 2008

So I have just got back from the scan of my fistula and the news wasn't as good as I had hoped. Turns out I have an aneurysm (big vein) then an area of stenosis (narrowing in the vein) that needs to be widened so I need a little operation. The procedure is called a fistulaplasty or an angioplasty and will include the injection of dye into my fistula and the use of an x-ray machine to watch the dye go in (fluoroscopy machine) they then see where there is the stenosis and insert a balloon to expand it in order to open it up. I have had this done twice previously, so I know what to expect but I also know that it hurts too!

So that's that then, they are going to be in contact in the next few days and I will go in, in the next few weeks! Hopefully they'll let me out on the same day so I won't need that much time off from work placement.

After the scan we went to see my transplant surgeon, nothing new to report there really. Mum of course made sure that I am actually activate on the transplant list (she worries too much) which of course I was and have been since 08/08/05...


  1. so sorry to hear about your arm hon, hope it's not too sore.

    lots of love xx

  2. You were placed on the transplant list about 2 weeks after I was; what is the average wait time where you are listed?

    Here in the US, wait times vary; it is 2-3 years at my transplant center (it's a rural area), but 2 hours away in Philadelphia, it's 5+ years.

    I can relate to the stenosis/aneurysms. Will they do yours in the Operating Room, or in the Radiology Suite? I've had several balloon procedures. With the first 2, the radiologist who did the procedure wasn't very generous with the narcotics, and parts of the procedure was painful (briefly), but the last time, the other radiologist was generous, and I was nauseated for 2 days. Just seems that there is no happy medium...

    Good luck with the fistulaplasty.


  3. Hi there...Just wanted to say I think you're really brave! Just keep going-I to am on the transplant list for some new lungs. Lets hope the sun shines on us both!!

    Feel free to check my blog anytime u have a mo...I am happy to make a link to yours to increase awareness of organ donation if you wish. Just let me know:

    lou :-)

  4. hey Holz,

    you went on the tx list not that long after me - I am almost sure it must be your turn soon!!

    Also, keep thinking about live donation options :) I know you said something about live donation from mum ruled out cos of CMV, but I got a CMV+ kidney and am taking prophylaxis for it - something to think about?

  5. Hi Holly sorry to here about your arm Hun. Hope your procedure goes smoothly. Uni shouldnt give you any trouble there are procedures for this kind of thing. You went on the list a couple of months after me. Were probably gonna end up getting transplanted round about the same time :) I hope soon for us both. Oh and tell chunky arm nurse to go boil her head lol

  6. Hi Holly, good luck with your procedure. Lol, your mum checking if youre active on the list reminded me of mine - she makes sure she checks it (or has me check it out) everytime I have a clinic appointment. Anyway, take care.