Saturday, 24 May 2008

So after the shock of Wednesday's scan I've accepted that theres nothing I can do about it and the procedure is for my own good! Not that I was going to refuse it, its just that I haven't been in hospital since February 2006, I can't stand the place and feel like its one step back having to go! However the Fistula is my lifeline, it keeps me alive and if that gave up, well I would be b***ered!!!

The radiographer and consultant explained that the aneurysm in my arm is causing the big bulge in my arm (which I hate) or as the nurse said "your arms a bit chunky isn't it!"- charming! They said the bulge will just keep getting bigger if I don't have the procedure, which obviously I don't want as it already looks odd at the minute, I don't want to draw anymore attention to it if possible! The kids are still fascinated at my work placement, I haven't plucked up the courage to tell them the "whole" truth yet, after all they are only 6/7, although I haven't been covering my arm up which is a step forward and if any of them ask I just say I've had an injection and it bruised a bit! To which they respond "ewww gross" haha! I can't disagree though, it's not a pretty sight!

I'm a bit worried about how I'm going to cope with my work placement if I get called in for the op, as I need a specific amount of hours undertaken to pass! I have 2 weeks off for half term now so hopefully the procedure will be done before I go back and if not I'll have to squeeze the hours in or Uni will just have to like it or lump it, my health is more important!

So today I have spent the day relaxing and doing some uni work at my bro's house while my mum, dad, bro and his wife decorated the nursery, pink of course, much to my brothers disappointment! Then I spent an hour waiting for my niece to wake up so I could have a feel of her kicking but no joy, I can tell shes going to take after my bro and love her afternoon naps!

Just watching the Eurovision (can't believe I've just admitted that) some of the entries are horrendous!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend...


  1. Hi Holly,

    I hope you managed to get some of you're studying done? It must be so tricky but don't worry. I'm sure your uni will be understanding enough to give you some time. Will your placement be in a school or pre school setting. I taught for three years before all this goings on and gave up just last year so happy to help in any way at any time.

    Take care hun,

    Lou x x

  2. Hi Holly

    Angel from KPG here. I also have aneurysms in my fistula but mine are due to lack of areas to needle. I did also have a very chunky arm where the op was undertaken and a big aneurysm at that site which reduced markedly once it was widened.

    Good luck and sure it will go fine and I agree that Uni should be fine about this as it is a health matter.