Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Talking, Talking, Talking...

I have done lots of talking in the past couple of days... Both professional talking... and gossiping!

On Tuesday I did a talk at Arrowe Park hospital (another one of my 101 goals - public speaking), it was in front of Donor coordinators, transplant coordinators and Intensive Care staff. I was a bit nervous but they were all lovely and made me feel at ease, there was only around 20 of them. I talked about my story, Live Life then Give life and life since my transplant. A fellow speaker was David Nix from the Donor Family Network it was great to catch up as I haven't seen him since The DFN meet up in September. I enjoyed giving the presentation (trying to make it humurous yet emtional) and the audience must have enjoyed it as I have been invited back to do 3 more throughout the year! (which I will attend if work permits, seems funny writing that!)

It was really interesting to hear more of the Donor Families side of the story as well as the Intensive Care Staff's view of how to break bad news. Some of these topics are discussed in this interesting Times article if you want to take a look. I can't bring myself to comment on it as I may let my mouth run away with itself... some of the comments about the article are so ingnorant! Such as transplants shouldn't take place becuase "the planet is already over populated" and "Organ donation is a money making scheme" I really would love to hear how these people would feel if them or one of their loved ones ever needed an organ transplant.

I have also been asked to attend the NHSBT roadshow in Liverpool, this will involve me talking to the media and encouraging people to sign the Organ Donor Register. In preparation for this I have been asked to do a pre-recorded interview for Radio City Talk 105.9 tomorrow at 3.45pm which will be aired on Sunday between 7-8pm. Hopefully it will go well and persuade people to think more about tranpslantation and Organ Donation.

Today I had a lovely afternoon meeting up with the wonderful Rachael Wakefield... she is currently waiting for a double lung transplant after fighting hard to get herself active on the transplant list.

You can read more about her story here. She is such an inspirational young lady, we have the same sense of humor and so had a right giggle! Although I may or may not have suggested lighting the candle in the middle of the table... but soon changed my mind once Rachy reminded me she was on her Niv (Non Invasive Ventilator) that was blowing out Oxygen at the time... oops! You wouldn't believe I got a double B in Science at GCSE!

We are going to make meeting up a regular thing, which is fab... I gave Rachy a photo album as a little present to open today (as well as a birthday present, which if you are reading this, you must save till your birthday missy!) so I am hoping we can fill this with lots of silly photos of our antics... and the start of a very long friendship!

Its definitely good to talk...


  1. *Giggles* Dont Make Rachy go boom til ive met her myself please !

  2. Ok and then am I free to have candle lit dinners with her? lol! x

  3. Glad your talk on Tue went well Holly :) I hope you can make at least some of the 3 they've invited you back to throughout the year. I can't believe some of the comments on that article either.

    Good luck with your radio interview tomorrow and with attending the NHSBT roadshow. I'm sure it'll all go smoothly though.

    Glad you had such a good time meeting Rachael :)

    Moll x x

  4. Do you ever contact a local newspaper when you give these talks? The more publicity you get, the better support in general for dialysis and transplants will be.

  5. I am so pleased that it went well too! I think ppl really appreciate putting a face to somethign that seems so remote to them, but actually its very real and can affect all. Well done hun. Sounds like u and Rachael had a fabtastical time! :-) xx