Wednesday, 10 February 2010


So I have been quite busy on the old campaigning front recently, with the talks etc. I also have done two radio interviews over the past few days one was pre-recorded for City Talk and the other was a phone in show (that I knew about in advance) on Radio City 96.7 so rang into that.

The presenter is Pete Price... I have spoken to him before about Organ Donation, in fact the last time we spoke I mentioned Jess as it was in the lead up to Save Jess-tival. Pete is dead set against Organ Donation but is willing to talk about it, he never really says why he is against it, I think its because of all the myths and misconceptions floating around. He comes across really ignorant, I don't know if its his manner or whether he is just asking the questions that the public want to hear the answers to!

Anyway I think the interview went well, I found myself talking a lot rather than being asked questions... I think this is probably the best way to deal with Pete.

I am doing another radio programme at 7am tomorrow morning for Radio Merseyside 95.8... you can listen live here (if you are up that early!) The purpose of this interview is to talk about me, my story but also to talk about the NHSBT Roadshow that is coming to Liverpool tomorrow. I will be attending from 10am-12, talking to the media and the general public about Organ Donation and why people should sign up! I am really looking forward to it, I am hoping to attend the Manchester Roadshow which is on the 19th February... with Racheal Wakefield :) any excuse for a catch up and a gossip hey!

I start work on Tuesday 16th (which is my dads birthday sadly) it will be a 10 hour day and then I think I have a staff meeting too, so no birthday tea out which is a shame!
I will be working 20hours a week... 10 hours on a Tuesday and 10 on a Thursday... it will be tiring at first I guess but I am really looking forward to it! At least I have monday and friday off, so will have long weekends and will get to see Abigail still for one day a week! This will also be good because my clinic appointments are usually on a Monday (I told the manager about this in the interview, so she took this into consideration!)

Thats it for now. Love x

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  1. Sounds like you've been very productive Holly :)

    I hope starting work goes well for you next week, I'll be thinking of you.

    Moll x x