Sunday, 14 February 2010


I attended the NHSBT Roadshow in Liverpool on the 11th February...

My passion for organ donation and transplantation is still there (if you can't tell by now) in fact I think its stronger than ever. Since Jess died I feel I need to do as much as I can to promote the plight of others on the transplant waiting list, I know that this is what Jess would have wanted in her own words, which she said on many occasion about the Save Jess campaign "If this doesn't save me then at least it will help others." That was her, she was always caring about others, I want to be just like her, I do care about others but always feel I can do more. I want to keep campaigning, doing as much as I can for Organ Donation so that others don't have to lose their battle whilst waiting, so families don't have to go through what Jess' family are going through, and for selfish reasons, so I don't have to lose anymore friends along the way.

The roadshow was a perfect opportunity to do put all of the above into action! I spoke to people about why they should sign the Organ Donor Register, I told them my story (I always think this helps people to understand and see in person the difference a transplant can make)... I encouraged people to sign up there and then using one of the 3 laptops available. There were lots of volunteers on hand to answer any questions, including my transplant co-ordinator, Kate (who called me in for transplant) Here is a picture of me and her. She apologised for making me so upset when she called bless her!

The team were fab and made me feel so welcome, the press photographer came down and I and the team had to give the Tin Woman a heart... check out Save the Tin man if you haven't already and I also did a Radio interview from the van with Radio City. The purpose of the "Prove it" roadshow is for people to prove the believe in organ donation by signing up, 96% of people would willing receive an organ if they were in need of one but only 27% of the British population have actually put this into action by signing the register. A total of 380 people signed up there and then that day... so far the roadshow has signed up 4,400 people! I am glad I played a small part in making it happen... I will be attending the Manchester Roadshow on Friday which I am very much looking forward to.

Thats it for now... Love, x

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  1. Sounds like you're doing some fantastic awareness raising Holly. Keep up the good work :)

    Moll x x