Monday, 15 February 2010

Old Friends... New Friends...

I had another fantastic night away in Huddersfield last weekend... Its a really lovely village where we go, just outside Huddersfield. Everyone knows everyone, its quite strange to travel an hour down the road and feel like I know so many people and feel so at home, its really great!

My friends boyfriend put us up as usual... he's a fab host, and I managed to bag the bed again, so I didn't have to sleep on the sofa. The only thing about Huddersfield is that everyone seems so tall! Check this picture out:

I did the driving, I probably had a few too many drinks so was feeling it the next day, we didn't leave to around 1 o clock. I hope we go back soon, as I am in love with the nightclub called Camel and will need another fix of it soon enough!

On Saturday I had the privilege of meeting up with Tony Salmon and Sam Marston (check out Sam's blog here) and their lovely daughters Bethany and Eloise. We met in Blackpool at an open day at Donna's Dream House, they do fabulous work for families of seriously ill children, offering them free holidays at the house including passes for the attractions in Blackpool. Bethany received her life saving liver transplant just over a year ago, and my is she looking fabulous! Before this, the family didn't know what the outcome would be for Bethany so took the opportunity to take her to Donna's Dream House. The house became more famous when it recently appeared on Secret Millionaire, and the chap Gary that gave them money is still involved to this day and was there himself on Saturday.

We spent the day giggling and chatting, we looked round the house including the new roundabout and the fabulous state of the art cinema! Then all of a sudden this man came looking for Bethany and Eloise and asked if they wanted a horse ride, I said to Sam excitedly is it a real horse, she gave me the most rediculous look and said of course not! We followed the chap as he led us to the back of the house and there it was in all its glory a PINK horse and carriage (yes a real horse, and when I say pink, I mean the carriage not the horse). To say I was excited was an understatement, luckily there was room for me to jump on too (I would have insisted on them coming back for me to have a go if there wasn't haha!)

Bethany and Eloise decided we were all princess' I was named sleeping beauty at first but then they quickly changed me to Belle. We had a fantastic time, and we finished off the day by me treating Tony, Sam and the girls to sausage and chips on the sea front!

Me and my favourite princess's

I still can't quite believe how far I've come since my transplant... jumping in a car and setting off to Blackpool on my own (aided by my trusty satnav on my Blackberry) just would NEVER have happened before. Turning up to the house with around 50 people stood in the garden and me waltzing in on my own... would NEVER have happened! Last night I went to Manchester for a night out with about 3 hours notice... this wouldn't have happened before. I am thankful for everyday, I feel more independent, more confident and a lot more happier than before.... as someone I know very well says...

This is my life and I choose to love it!


  1. It was great to finally meet you. You are as bubbly (nearly said 'mad' but bubbly is more polite!) as you seem online. The girls adore you, Eloise is STILL talking about how pretty you are. You are a credit to the organ donation and transplant community and it was our pleasure to meet you. Can't wait for next time. x

  2. Awww so nice of you to say so! Thanks so much for a lovely day! Was so great to finally meet you too! See you soon hopefully x

  3. Glad you've been having such a good time recently Holly :D

    Moll x x

  4. Love reading about your antics - you really are making up for lost time!!! Keep enjoying yourself - you are doing your donor proud.