Friday, 1 January 2010

New years goals and resolutions...

Happy New Year!

Ok so last year my goals were to...
  • To make the most of my “Gift of Life” and enjoy being free from dialysis
  • To go on holiday (I haven’t been abroad since I started dialysis)
  • To go back to Uni, complete my dissertation and hopefully graduate with my friends
  • To visit Emily T in London and go shopping!
I did all of these to some extent, I definitely enjoyed being free from dialysis and made the most of it. I went on holiday to Devon, first holiday with Andy, Fiona and Abigail. I went back to uni, completed my dissertation and graduated with my friends! I also went to London for the advocate weekend and saw Emily... although we didn't have any time for shopping! :(

Highlights of 2009.... It has been a fantastic year... 2010 has got a lot to live up to! (In no particular order)
  • Donor Day
  • Getting thousands of people to sign the register
  • GMTV, Sky News and Metro Newspaper
  • The airing of my Battlefront programme in May/October
  • The quote of support from Gordon Brown
  • Donor Family Network meet up
  • Dissertation!
  • Graduation
  • Vinspired National Award
  • Abseil for Live Life Then Give Life
  • Parties and many nights out
  • Save Jess-tival
  • Making new friends, Catching up with old friends
  • I stayed away from home, in London and Huddersfield
  • Visiting Downing Street - meeting Sarah and Gordon Brown
  • Jess receiving her transplant

This years resolution is to continue making the most of my Gift of Life, making my Donor family proud... also I want to get fit, go to the gym more and lose weight!

Other plans for the year are...
  • To continue to raise awareness about Organ Donation
  • Continue my work with Live Life Then Give Life
  • To go on holiday abroad
  • To get a job
  • To go away with friends for a weekend
  • To go to Ireland for a wedding in April
  • To Organise and pull off Donor Day 2010
  • To see Peter Kay, Jimmy Carr and Derren Brown
  • Go to London for pleasure not work.... to see Em
  • I am coming to see you too Pops... so a trip to Newcastle!

Thanks for your love and support in 2009, especially to my wonderful parents... I've certainly had an amazing time!

Heres to a healthy and Happy 2010 with an increase in the number of transplants taking place and less people losing their fight because of the lack of Organ Donors. Hoping all my friends get the second chance I have been given...

Please make it your New Years Resolution to sign the Organ Donor Register!


  1. Your Dad and I are so proud of all that you have achieved during the year.All of this would have been impossible without the generosity of your donor and their family. We will be eternally grateful to them for giving you the gift of life.We hope that 2010 will be a good year for you and bring you everything you want. Love Mum xxx

  2. Happy New Year Holly :D You've had a fantastic 2009, so I hope 2010 is as good as or even better!

    Take care,
    Moll x x