Saturday, 2 January 2010

5 years ago...

I'm still feeling in reflective mood seen as its new year... I think I can be forgiven!

It's a whole 5 years since I was diagnosed... how time has flown! I was told on the 3rd January 2005 that I had kidney failure and on the 5th January 2005 I started dialysis... Time stood still for a little while so we could all come to terms with it... I took a break from college and gave up the job I loved (working at my local cinema), my parents gave up work to look after and support me.

So many things were different in my life before that day:
  • I went to college
  • I had a job
  • I didn't drive!
  • My brother wasn't married
  • Abigail didn't exist
  • I hadn't met my University friends!
  • I hadn't heard of Live Life Then Give Life
  • I hadn't heard of Battlefront
  • I hadn't had any contact/experience with the media
  • I had visited number 10 - but only a fake version at Granada Studios!!!
  • I only knew what dialysis was because I had watched Kirsty from Home and Away just start it
  • I only knew what Organ Donation was through signing my driving license
  • Ironically, before I was diagnosed I watched the channel 4 documentary on Emily... who knew that In 5 years time I would be able to call her a friend!
  • I was thinner!
  • I had never had my blood pressure taken
  • I had never spent a night in hospital
  • I had never had blood tests
  • I didn't have any scars
  • What was Twitter?
  • In fact I don't think I even had Facebook - how did I survive!?

In the world things were different....
  • We had a different pope
  • We had a different Prime Minister
  • We hadn't won the 2012 bid for the Olympics yet!
  • The London underground bombs hadn't happened
  • Micheal Jackson was still alive
  • There was no recession

In Januaray 2005 the number of people on the Organ Donor Register reached 12,000,000 today 16,754,593 are on the register as I type this... I hope to be typing (In another 5 years time) that the whole 96% of people who agree with Organ Donation have signed the register as well! (who knows where I will be... maybe a house and man... one thing is for certain I will still be campaigning and I will still have a love of shopping, specifically shoes and handbags!)

On 5th January 2009 I wrote this blog about the day I got my call for transplant! Most of the significant events in my life happened during 2009 as I wrote about them in my last blog...
Other highlights or significant events of the past 5 years... Going on the Transplant waiting list (Aug 2005) meeting my university friends (2006), Andy and Fiona getting married (2007), Starting this blog (well my life on dialysis blog, Jan 2008, my first ever post here), Abigail being born (Sept 2008) and me receiving my transplant (Oct 2008).

Me being diagnosed with Kidney Failure... 5 years ago... has totally changed me as a person (for the better I hope) I became a stronger person, I grew up (a little bit) but my confidence did take a knock. I found reward in getting out there and trying to make a difference, I would never have contemplated doing this before, I was probably too wrapped up in myself (shopping no doubt). Me receiving my transplant and being given a second chance has changed me again... my confidence has been regained, I have met more amazing people, I have done things I thought I would never achieve... such as graduating!

Most importantly I realise what I was taking for granted 5 years ago...

I can walk down the street, go shopping without feeling tired. I can be spontaneous, grab my car keys and go out whenever/wherever I want. I can enjoy time with family and friends, I can eat what I want and drink what I want! I can go to the gym... (although I may complain about it)... I can experience a hangover...and a million other things!

This wouldn't have been possible with out the support of my fabulous family and obviously my donor and their special family that said yes to Organ Donation at their time of grief, I am and will be eternally thankful.

Anyway I hope this blog makes sense... What I am trying to say is I have come full circle, I am enjoying life like I am 17 again (no pun intended regarding the film!) The world has changed and I have changed as a person. Being diagnosed with Kidney failure was pretty crap... spending time on dialysis was even crapper (is this a word?) but I wouldn't change it for the world... it makes me who I am today! :)

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