Monday, 30 November 2009

A blog I didn't want to write...

Volunteering in the field that I do, loosing someone I knew because their transplant didn't come in time was bound to happen. I woke up to the news that a young 22 year old girl, A, had died. I am not claiming to know her well, but we chatted often online... she was always interested in what I was up to and how my campaign was going, she rarely whinged or moaned about her situation but it was clear to see she was struggling.

It just shouldn't happen, A should have got her new lungs. It makes me angry because its not like it was an accident that she died, it could have been prevented, if more people think about their own mortality for two minutes and sign up!

It was such a shock to hear the news, as just 10 hours earlier she had posted a status on facebook which read "is off.. to have words with her lungs for being attention seeking!! There's really no need...pull your selfs together... and breathe!!"

This is what scares me... It shows how quick it can all happen. This makes me think of Victoria Tremlett and Jessica Wales, I always presumed that if someone was losing their fight for life, the wouldn't be online posting things on facebook, but it just shows you how fast things can go down hill. Victoria and Jess update their facebook regularly and this to me meant they were still holding on and staying strong... A losing her fight so quickly dismisses my theory!

I do not want to be writing another blog like this anytime soon! Please Please prove you believe in Organ Donation, in memory of A and for the sake of Tor, Jess and the other 9000 people on the transplant waiting list... give them the second chance that A didn't get, a chance to live a life that they deserve! Please Sign Up to the Organ Donor Register.

I will miss my chats with A and hope that she is breathing easy now wherever she is.... R.I.P x

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