Sunday, 29 November 2009

And the winner is...


Arghhh I still can't believe it, I actually won the National Shout award for Campaigning! I don't campaign to get recognition, I campaign to make a small change in the lives of other people... especially those waiting for a transplant.

It was a fab evening, I travelled down with My Mum, Dad and Brother by car, we arrived at the hotel and had plenty of time to relax before getting ready for the evening! Me and Mum got on the coach to the O2 arena whilst Dad and Andy had food and met up with Pops! Mum was my dinner guest and so we had some lovely food, you could have one of every main course (as they were only tiny portions) I had tai chicken, Duck, Sausage and Mash and finished with 2 portions of Baileys chocolate moose (Pops came down after the awards and had about 5 of these).

Before the ceremony started I met Lil Chris and James Caan and had my picture taken with them both, they were both so lovely and didn't mind at all, in fact James was in the middle of eating some mini Pizzas as he was walking round and still posed for photos!

The Ceremony itself was great, each of the nominies stories was projected onto screens around the arena, a celebrity would come on and present the award to the winner. The presenters of the show were James Redmond and Jamelia Jameel, they were great together!

So the Shout category came up, the video was played and then this video camera was heading towards my table... my name was announced, I was so shocked... the other nominees (HIV campaign and Cancer Campaign) were amazing and had done a great job! I made my way up to the stage (followed by the camera) and was presented my award by a lovely chap (I can't think for the life of me of his name, he was an MP? or from the Cabinet? I'm not sure) anyway I didn't have much of a chance to make a speak as I only got asked how I was feeling to which I replied Shocked, in a good way! Not very useful... so here is my chance to say what I would have said had I not been so nervous/excited/shocked!

I would have accepted the award on behalf of everyone still waiting on the transplant waiting list, and those that lost their fights because their chance didn't come. I would have thanked my family, friends and everyone that had helped me in my campaign. Lastly and most importantly I would have thanked my donor, as without them... the campaign would not have happened and I wouldn't have been at the awards!

There were 9 other awards given out, all to worthy winners... After the ceremony some of the tables were removed to make way for the dance floor! Mum, Dad and Andy left (with my award in tow, as I didn't want to lose it) and this is where me and Pops came into our own, throwing some shapes on the dance floor while the drinks were flowing! Tynchy Stryder, Lady Sovreign and some Djs did some sets and a great time was had by all! You can see some of the official photographs here.

Me and Pops got on the coach back home along with 2 goody bags each from the night... loads of people got straight off the coach when we got back to the hotel and went straight to the bar, so not wanting to seem rude me and pops joined them! We ended the night on some shots of sambucca (seemed a good idea at the time, they were bought for us)!

It really was amazing, still can't quite believe it all happened! Thanks to Pops for coming down to share the night with me, as well as my family, it's a night I won't ever ever forget and I hope I have and continue to make my donor proud with the volunteering work that I do!

I will leave you with some pictures....

Me and My Mum before Dinner

Me and Dawn Butler MP

Me, James Caan and Tamina Lawrenson (who was on the Vinspired Judging Panel)

Me and Lil Chris!

Me and the Family after receiveing the award!

Me and Pops!

Me and the Family again (all looking rather proud)

The after party begins... and so do the drinks...
Me and OB from Hollyoaks!

Me and Max from Hollyoaks



Sorry for the picture overload... there is more if you CLICK HERE!

Thanks for your continued support x


  1. Well done my love. And all these people you get to meet !

    Proud of you (Obviously!) And hope you continue to make everyone (And your Donor) Proud :-D

  2. Yay, well done Holly. You really deserved that :D

    Moll x x

  3. Awww Thanks Guys!

    Much Appreciated :) x