Saturday, 13 June 2009

Quick update!


Just a quick update, I will do a proper blog at some point tomorrow, but it's safe to say I am very busy and I am having lots of fun... so to sum up my week.

Monday - Me, my Mum and Dad spent the day looking after Abigail, she is growing up so quick and learning something new everyday!

Tuesday - We set off for London early in the morning ready for my meeting at the Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF) at 2.30. We headed into Westminster so I could catch up with Oli before the meeting. (Updates on this and pictures to follow)

Wednesday - We traveled back from London stopping at Stratford-upon-Avon for a little look around the shops and a spot of lunch.

Thursday - We looked after Abigail all day again, my friend Helen came round to see her and me and Abigail had us all in stitches showing off her new party tricks. That night I went out for tea as it was my friends daughters 3rd birthday so I celebrated with her, her mum and some other friends, I had a carvery and it was gorgeous!

Friday - I went to clinic in the morning to get my tacrolimus (immunosuppresant drug) level checked as they have recently put up my dose to try and get it to an acceptable level. It took 3 attempts to get my blood! 2 in the back of my hand, which I wasn't impressed about as it hurts so much more than in my arm! I now have some lovely bruises on my hands. I had a busy afternoon as I popped into town to pick up a dress that I had ordered from Dorothy Perkins, also picked up some cookies as I was on my way to visit a friend who has broken her elbow! Me and Mum had a nice afternoon chatting to her and I was running around after her 3 year old son. It was then home and a quick bite to eat for me and then headed out (wearing new dress) to a friends house party! It's safe to say I had a great night (from what I can remember) but woke up with a hangover, nothing that a good bacon buttie couldn't fix though!

Today I went to my friends daughters birthday party at a play barn, my friend invited my neice so me, my Mum and my Sis-in Law went along. Abigail had lots of fun and couldn't take her eyes off the other kids, I was also impressed with her latest party trick... as it was one that I had taught her, she can now do the actions to "Round and Round the Garden"

So that was meant to be a quick update but it is clearly longer than I anticipated... Tomorrow I am off to meet Helen for lunch but I will be sure to do a blog at some point with an update on the campaign, latest developments and more about the meeting with the DCSF.

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  1. Glad to hear you've been having such a busy, but fun, week :) I'm looking forward to hearing more about your meeting with the DCSF later.

    I was surprised to hear about your experiences with blood tests as I find that having bloods taken from the back of my hands is much less painful than in my arm! But I have heard from various phlebotomists that most people prefer their arms.

    Take care,
    Moll x x