Saturday, 27 June 2009

Come on, Come on, Come on... TAKE THAT...

... and party!

That's exactly what we did! Me, Emily, Fiona (bro's wife) and Lisa (Fiona's friend) had a fantastic night. The boys put on a fabulous show with lots of stuff going on, acrobats, trapeze artists, stilt walkers, drummers, dancers, clowns!

There was ticker tape, fire, lots of balloons, rain on the stage, fireworks, an inflatable scary face and even a mechanical elephant! Click here to see some pics!

The tickets were bought a few days after my transplant, my brother had gone online early to get them for me, I made all the nurses incredibly jealous when I told them as they were too busy working to get them! I can't believe that was 8 months ago, I would never have been well enough to go to a concert like that previously, walking from the car to the venue, standing and dancing all night, and then walking from the venue back to the car it just would not have been possible and of course it was on a Friday night, which of course would have been a dialysis night and a complete no-no!

It was the most amazing concert... the best I have ever seen! I really want to go again but I suppose I will just have to wait for the tour DVD to come out! It was well worth the money... I treated myself to a canvas tour bag and a programme as it was my first concert post -transplant (the first of many I hope) already have tickets for Lily Allen in November which I am really looking forward too!

I was sad to see Emily off today, but it won't be long till I am off down to London to catch up with some of Holly's Helpers from Donor Day which will be great!


  1. Glad to hear you had such a fantastic time Holly :D I'm quite jealous, it sounds like a spectacular show. And you're going to see Lily Allen too - I'm sure her concert will be great.

    Looking forward to seeing you in London next month :)

    Moll x x

  2. Looks like you girls had an amazing time ! Never been a huge Take That Fan, but I must admit, they are growing on me !

    A FEW photo's tho Hol ?? Try 160 !!

    Glad you had a good one, and SOOOOO jealous ur seeing Lilly !!!


  3. So glad you had an amazing time! Sounds like it was a nice venue too! xx