Friday, 19 June 2009

Busy Times ahead....

So my diary is looking pretty chocker in the next coming months! Thought I would keep you in the loop so that you might understand if I neglect my blog!

Tomorrow - I'm going to my friends housewarming BBQ, this should be great fun (and Em if you are reading this, I will remember to blast my stuff in the microwave ;o) This will prob go on into the evening and then it may end up with us all heading to the pubs and clubs in the town centre.

Sunday 21st June - Fathers day! Got my dad one main pres and then some cheeeeeeeeesy presents, can't say too much cos he reads this! We'll probably have a quiet day and then a Sunday lunch. This will also be my brothers first daddy's day! So no doubt Abigail will have bought him some treats!

Tuesday 23rd June - It is my brother and Sister in-law's 2nd wedding anniversary! I can't believe how quick those past two years have gone. I remember being worried if I would be well enough on their wedding day to enjoy being a bridesmaid (thankfully I was)! Again can't say too much about pressies incase they read, but I am sure they will like :o)

Wednesday 24th June - Blood tests at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

Friday 26th June - In the morning I am off to a childrens party and then in the evening TAKE THAT! wooo! Emily is coming up for the night (I bought her the ticket as a thank you for helping me with the campaign and a birthday present rolled into one)! We are going with my Sis in-law and her friend! I can't wait!

Monday 29th June - Clinic at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. (There are usually delays so this will be a few hours long!)

Thursday 2nd July - My Gift of Life talk with Sally at West Houghton High school in Bolton, in front of 40 year 12 students.

Saturday 4th July - I am off to Birmingham for the Donor Family Network Gathering.

Sunday 5th July - again in Birmingham, I will be attending (and doing a reading at) the Donor Memorial Service.

Tuesday 7th July, Wednesday 8th July, Thursday 9th July - LLTGL talk with fellow advocate Carol Beckett at Turton High School infront of 200 students each day!

Saturday 11th July - My first proper post transplant holiday - a week in Devon, I am so excited! It will be me, my Mum, Dad, Andrew (my Bro), Fiona and Abigail! I would never have thought I would be able to go to Devon, its a 6 hour drive from my house! I used to get travel sick if I spent more than an hour in the car!

Satuday 25th July - I am off down to London, this will be more of a social visit to meet up with Emily and other people that helped out on Donor Day, there wasn't much chance for me to chat to them much so this will be a great opportunity to exchange gossip and maybe throw some campaign ideas around too?!

Saturday 15th August - I am really loooking forward to meeting up with Sarah Milne, from the Gifts of Life photography project. She is going to be photgraphing me in Manchester in the morning and then Team Ethan in Manchester in the afternoon. If you haven't checked out her blog, go do so now: here!

Friday 21st August - Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary!

Saturday 22nd/23rd August - I will be off down to London again for the LLTGL advocate away days! This will be my first opportunity to meet some of my fellow advocates, talk, share our ideas and stories etc.

Monday 24th August - this is the universities assessment week and at some point I will have to do a piece of work that I missed whilst I was in hospital recovering after my transplant! It is a presentation about Leadership in Early Years Settings (have not really looked at it yet, so must do that pretty soon!)

I can't believe it... we will then be onto September and celebrating Abigail's 1st Birthday!

Lots and Lots of great stuff to look forward to, remembering that amongst all that my folks look after Abigail every Monday and Thursday (which I am loving!), I will have to keep pushing the campaign forward, look for a job at some point, but also remember to have some me time to relax, read trashy magazines and watch cheesy soaps!


  1. You sound like you're going to have a very busy couple of months Holly, make sure you find some time to relax too. Enjoy all your exciting plans, especially your holiday to Devon and the Take That concert which I am jealous about ;) I hope the blood test and clinic go smoothly and good luck with your talks and readings. Looking forward to seeing you on 25th July :D

    Take care,
    Moll x x

  2. wooooo can't wait to SEEEEEEE YOU!!!! xxxxx