Sunday, 15 February 2009

Yet another busy week this week!

Hospital on Monday, which was the usual long wait but the time passed as I met up with a couple of friends that I used to dialyse with!

I then spent Tuesday doing some uni work, fun fun fun! Wednesday I got up early and went to the hospital again, this was for blood tests as the level of Tacrolimus (anti-rejection drugs) was too high in my blood. I was only in the hospital for 10 minutes which was great! I received a phonecall later that afternoon to say that my Tac had to be reduced and so did my steroids (which is good, as I might start looking less like a chipmonk soon). That night I caught up with some more friends that I used to dialyse with, one who has been lucky enough to receive a transplant and one who is still waiting. We went to Fuxion in Elsmere Port for an all you can eat chinese buffet, which was delicious!

Thursday I submitted another piece of Uni work and spent the morning with Abigail and the afternoon was spent baking and decorating cakes for the Live Life Then Give Life Cake sale!
My mum and I sold the cakes in the staffroom at my old school, it was fab to see all my old teachers and they were surprised to see how well I looked! Even more fantastic was that everyone was so generous and we raised over £115 pounds!!! Here are some pictures from the day....

You can see more by clicking here.

In other news...
My surgeon has agreed to be filmed for my Battlefront campaign, along with Jessica Wales who is currently waiting for a double lung transplant, I am really grateful to them both. I am also trying to encourage some of the nurses on the ward to be interviewed and filmed too, I will continue to work on them!!!

Battlefront have also introduced a new feature on my page, it allows you to become members of my campaign, it would be great if you could visit the page and click join! My members currently stand at 303 and I would love it to be much higher if possible!

So plans for this week are; visiting the hospital for clinic tomorrow, it is also my dads birthday so we will probably go out for tea somewhere nice! I am at Uni on Tuesday and Thursday as well as being busy doing some Battlefront filming and research! All this will have to be fitted around some Uni work and work on my dissertation!!!! I am also treating myself and my folks to a night at the theatre to see Joseph at the Liverpool Empire! Soooo much to do so little time, I am really appreciating all the little things (and the big things) that I can now do post transplant, I don't know how I had time to fit dialysis in before! I am hopefully going to London next week to do some filming with my mentor Oli and Shaa (who I mentioned in a previous post) as well as the filming with Jess in Kent, which I am really looking forward to as we have never met. None of this would have been possible before... I am so pleased I can now use my new found freedom to help others who are in a similar situation to what I was in less than 4 months ago, by raising awareness of the importance of Organ donation through my Battlefront campaign....


  1. The cakes look fab - well done you! Its great to hear you so busy and active. Keep up the good work.

  2. Well done Holly can see your working hard to promote organ donation :D sure must have brought back memories revisiting medical transplant team etc...makes you appreciate how your transplant has made such a difference to you and your family.Hoping'others' waiting get their call soon.....x

    best wishes Elaine & Rach xx