Friday, 27 February 2009

New Videos up... go check them out!

Just a quick blog to say that there are new videos up on my Battlefront page...

Me and Emily on our way down to meet Jessica wales who I discussed in an earlier blog and videos from when me and Em filmed with Jess!

Great news, Jess wants to be involved in the campaign and so hopefully she will agree to do some media work that will coincide with the "Donor Day" ! If you are affected by organ donation/ transplantation and are interested in getting involved in this way too... get in touch!

As for the "Donor Day" this is a work in progress... it's main aim is to get as many people to sign the Organ Donor Register in one day... and show their support for my campaign by changing their status and/or profile pictures on their social networks on that particular day!

The day in question is Tuesday 7th April so pencil it in your diary's for now and I will confirm this is the actual date as soon as possible!

Get involved...


  1. Hi lovely

    Have you thought about writing to local councils and asking if you can have "sign-up desks" in council-owned places like libraries, council offices, etc?

    Also how about writing to supermarkets like Sainsburys or Tesco and asking if volunteers can have stands outside their shops to sign people up?

    There was a lady in Wales called Helen (can't remember her last name) who did exactly this sort of thing in Wales a few years ago on one specific day and it was a real success!

  2. Hey hun!

    Ye have thought about this, maybe in boots or superdrug and mentioned it to my mentor Oli!

    Things are all a bit up in the air at the mo! Will let you know when I have something concrete to tel you hehe!

    Thanks hun x