Friday, 20 February 2009


Today I had a great day, I met up with the surgeon who actually did my transplant, Mr Bakran! It was really interesting to hear him talk about transplants and organ donation. The meeting took place in the operating theatre itself so my dad and I and even the crew had to dress up in scrubs, which was a new experience for us all!!! Here's some pics....

Me and Rosie

Mr Bakran, Me, Dad, Tom and Rosie

Rosie, Tom and Dad

It was very intriguing hearing about what happened in preparation for my transplant, being in the pre-theatre room and being anesthetised, which is my last memory of the night of my transplant! We were shown around the scrub room and saw where the instruments and medical equipment are kept and then we were taken into the actual theatre!

I was speaking to Mr Bakran about the aims of my campaign and he seemed really impressed and thought it was great that a young person was campaigning on this topic. It was also great to hear him talk about transplant statistics and why he thought more people hadn't signed up to the Organ Donor Register - he believes that people (especially young people) don't like to talk about their own mortality and death! This is true - it is a bit of a taboo subject amongst young people, but it shouldn't be! Look at what age I became ill (17) it just shows that it can happen to anyone at any age!

He was keen to encourage more people to sign up to the Organ Donor Register and was really supportive of my campaign. I really appreciated him taking the time out to speak to me today! It has spurred me on to make this campaign a huge success and in the process save and transform lives!

I also spoke to the nurse that originally looked after me in clinic once I was discharged! We sprung filming on her but she was really happy to be involved which was great! And finally we spoke to the ward manager Andy who actually looked after me when I was first diagnosed with Kidney failure and again after my transplant. It was interesting to hear him talk about the difference in me from when I was on dialysis and now that I've had my transplant!

I then came home and had a webcam chat with my mentor Oli who again was full of great ideas to take the campaign forward, everytime I speak to him he motivates me! Will keep you updated on our progress!

I am off out tonight (dressed as a nun) for my friend's birthday so that should be fun! One final favour before I go....

I would also appreciate you answering my current poll on my bebo page about whether you would be willing to display the fact that you are on the Organ Donor Register on your networking profiles! You vote by clicking here! Come on get involved....

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  1. wow girly you've been soooo busy! LOVING that pose you're sporting in the first pic with Rosie ;)

    Can't wait to have a proper catch up....think I need to ring you to get up to speed! lots of love xxxx