Monday, 9 February 2009

Cakes and Flowers!

Just a quick blog to tell you about two fantastic ways you can support Live Life Then Give Life!

Live Life Then Give Life is a non-profit Charity that rely on your generosity and support to enable them to keep doing what they do. LLTGL works hard to raise awareness about the greatest gift of all: The Gift of Life by informing the public about organ donation and to support those in need of a transplant. Without funds generated by people like you, we cannot carry out the work, talks, presentations, campaigns and support which we need to do to raise more awareness and save more lives.

This valentines day How about doing something different? How about using Valentine's Day to do a good deed and make a difference?

Brighten up the day before - Friday 13th February - with a red-themed cake sale!

By selling your baked goodies in aid of LLTGL you can help us help the thousands of people out there desperately waiting for a transplant that could save their lives.

To find out more and to download promotional materials visit The Great Valentines Cake Bake page or join the facebook event!

I will be sure to post pictures of my cake sale, which I am holding in the staffroom at my old school! Will be great to see all my old teachers, should be lots of fun and hopefully they will notice a difference in me since my transplant!

Before I go there is another great way to support LLTGL for me to tell you about if you are buying flowers why don't you visit If you follow this link LLTGL gets 10% from each bunch of flowers sold!


  1. Nice post!! Flowers and cakes are best for Valentines Day celebration!!

  2. Perfect, u just picked my florist for me, cheers hun :-)