Sunday, 27 December 2009

Jessica Wales


Jess...who I have talked about on this blog on numerous occasions... is IN THEATRE HAVING HER DOUBLE LUNG TRANSPLANT RIGHT NOW! (after 9 false alarm calls during her 4 year wait!)

Things were looking pretty bleak this afternoon and I thought I may have to face facts that Jess may not have much fight left in her... but at the 11th hour, the call came! I was crying with worry this afternoon... and now crying with joy!

Jess has been a huge help to me and the campaign, she is a truly inspiration young lady and deserves this second chance at life so much.

I am of course thinking of the donor and their family as well as Jess and her loved ones.

Updates on Jess and me in my next blog!

EDIT: Morning... (9.40am) Jess is just being moved to ITU... this is all I know at the minute... but it's a good sign! Keep her in your thoughts over the next few days x

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  1. I'm so pleased she got this second chance =] x