Sunday, 20 September 2009


I, like most people in the transplant community today are worried that we are going to lose a very special young lady, 20 year old Jessica Wales has been waiting for a double lung transplant for over 4 years now, and has had 7 false alarms were the transplant didn't take place for one reason or another. I had the privilege of meeting Jess this year, when she helped me during my filming for the Gift of Life documentary. Little did I know that this may be the only chance of me ever meeting Jess... She text me not long ago asking that when she gets her lungs can she come and stay with me, of course I said yes. I haven't spent enough time getting to know Jess.... I want to take her shopping, I want to laugh till we cry (for the right reasons this time), I want to sample a whole cocktail menu with her... I want to dance till our feet feel like they are going to fall off... But this may never happen.

This was Jess 2 weeks ago...

and this is her today

Jess is on a NIV (a Non Invasive Ventilator) which is helping her to breathe.She is currently in hospital, fighting for every breath. She has 11% lung function and can only breath in the amount of air that is in a coke can. Without a transplant soon... Jess WILL die!

This is the harsh reality of waiting for a transplant, I was one of the lucky ones that was able to be kept alive by dialysis whilst I waited for my second chance. Jess and many others out there don't have this luxury time is ticking... and soon the clock will stop.

This is all because not enough people have signed the Organ Donor Register.

Please visit Live Life Then Give Life to find out more about Jess
Sign the Organ Donor Register
Talk about Organ donation with your family and friends.

Things should be different...

You can help save Jess's life.


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  1. I totally feel and understand your you say...Jess has no chance if no-one gives her a chance. The docs can only work with what they have. Without a suitable donor Jess will simply not make it. Please help Jess and many others...lets hope that she gets that special gift in time xxxx well written Hol!!