Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Save Jess....

Please do as the title says! Save Jess and join the Organ Donor Register.

The campaign started on twitter, we started tweeting about Jess with the hashtag so we could track how many people have seen it (#savejess) It has now been seen by over 8000 people in just 50 tweets, and well more than 50tweets were sent so imagine how many in total.

The campaign has a logo, so please change your Facebook/twitter pictures to show your support!

And a brand spanking new website ( where you can also buy t-shirts!

Emily Thackray has been on GMTV and BBC Kent talking about Jess, I went on City Talk to talk to Pete Price about her... word is spreading fast.

Jess has had support via twitter from
  • Sarah Brown
  • Matthew Horne
  • Jason Manford
  • David Baddial
  • Phil Jupitus
  • Bill Baily
  • Beverley Knight
  • Banksy
  • Sarah Cawood
  • Jenni Falconer
to name but a few....

There is an article here on Sky News... along with a video here.

Another article on the newswire here, where I get a little mention.

So lets get back to the message... I said this in the previous post:

"I haven't spent enough time getting to know Jess.... I want to take her shopping, I want to laugh till we cry (for the right reasons this time), I want to sample a whole cocktail menu with her... I want to dance till our feet feel like they are going to fall off... But this may never happen."

I don't want to loose a friend before I have had the chance to get to know her more, a twenty year old young girl should NOT be facing death, things can change if more people sign the Organ Donor Register.

Please Save Jess. Thank You.

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