Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Quick one...

Just a quick one (I promise), just to say I had a lovely weekend with my Mum and Abigail, lots of playing and giggles!

On the Sunday The guys arrived home from Wembley at about 2, a few of my friends were going to see the victory parade (because Warrington won yay!) and so I joined them. It was a really great atmosphere, they reckon around 50,000 people turned up! As soon as the team arrived at Warrington Town Hall it absolutely chucked it down! We all went home looking like drowned rats, but I was so glad I went.

Other things I've been up to is getting through a massive to do list... everytime I cross something off, I seem to add something new! One thing on my list was to write up some notes for a Department of Health meeting that I have been invited to, I can't attend but can email my notes over for them to see. The Organ Donation Taskforce report, published in January 2008 recommended that ‘Appropriate ways should be identified of personally and publically recognising individual organ donors, where desire. These approaches may include national memorials, local initiatives and personal follow-up to donor families.’ A review is underway to expolre current and proposed initiatives to reconise donor families, and to stimulate new thinking about the most appropriate ideas for taking this recommendation forward. So this is what I have been thinking about... how to recognise donors and their families appropriately! What a hard topic to tackle, I hope I get my message accross ok in my notes.

I've just got back from the hair dressers (I have short red hair again!) I decided to get it done this week as I am going to see Tim Minchin on Friday, then heading into town. Then on Saturday it is Abigail's Birthday and she is having a party, so wanted it nice for then.

So thats it really nothing exciting to report...

Oh I've enquired about 2 jobs, both working with children but completely different things! So will have to update my CV, eeeeekkkk I sound too grown up!

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