Saturday, 25 July 2009

Sun, Sea, Sand and Sheep!

I can't believe I have not written about my holiday in Devon until now, not updating my blog means I have been having too much fun to sit down and write about it all... all the days have now merged into one and I don't remember what I did on which day so here are the highlights! I'll keep it short and sweet!

We stayed at the Ruda Holiday Park in Croyde Bay and to break the title down, Sun or should I say lack of? There was one really lovely day, in fact my brother and dad got sunburnt! This was the day that the sea and sand happened! Abigails first beach experience, she had a fab time and didn't stop smiling, unless of course she was concentrating on playing with the sand. She paddled in the sea, knocked down sandcastles and generally had lots of fun! Me and Dad went in the sea, it was blummin freezing but refreshing!

This was one of my favourite days, here are a couple of pics from the beach day:

We also went swimming in the pool on site, called Cascades, no pictures of it though as you weren't allowed! This was Abigail's first experience of swimming and she absolutely loved it, I took her down a little slide on my knee and then we went in the jacuzzi, she wasn't my friend for a whole 10 minutes when I accidentally dunked her under!

We ate lots of Ice-Cream as thats what Devon and Cornwall do best, here are a few pics of Abigail eating hers:

Abigail enjoyed the swings which were a minute walk from our log cabin:

Another favourite day of mine was The Big Sheep, we watched a sheep show, sheep shearing, horse whispering and even fed baby lambs! It was a great day out!

Other favourite pictures:
Thats it for now...There are loads more pictures on Facebook, so if you are a friend you will be able to see more there.

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  1. Lovely photos Holly, thanks for sharing. Abigail is gorgeous :) Sounds like you had a great holiday, glad you enjoyed it.

    Moll x x