Friday, 24 July 2009


I love at the minute! Its a great website which is a new way to thank the people who have really made a difference to your life. It could be a teacher who inspired you to succeed, a doctor who saved you or simply a colleague who makes your day more fun.

I have been in contact with the creators at recently, they were intrigued about my message thanking my Donor, you can read it here if you are interested/

They interviewed me about this to be used in the future to advertise thanks to via the web or press, I don't know if they have used it as of yet.

The lady I was in contact with asked me if I would be interested in setting up a page for my Gift of Life Campaign, I am having trouble with my email address at the mo so have not been able to do it. However she also asked me if Live Life Then Give Life would be interested in setting a page up, I got in contact with Emily and Oli and they agreed! I Set it up tonight and if you want to check it out, its here.

So why not go and thank them for all their great work they do in supporting people on the transplant waiting list and promoting Organ Donation!

I'm pleased to say I am off to London tomorrow, I thought I wouldn't be able to go as I have been unwell this week but thankfully I am on the mend and I will be going! I am off to meet up with some of the people who helped me out on Donor Day, it will be great to catch up with out the stress and cameras. I will be sure to blog about it when I get back, and of course I need to blog about my holiday too along with some of my favourite pictures out of the hundreds I took!

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