Monday, 27 July 2009

Stockley Farm

We took Abigail to Stockley farm this week!

We started and finished the day out with a trip in a tractor and trailer. Abigail really enjoyed looking at all the animals, she stroked a bunny rabbit, saw the birds of prey, went on the swings, had a picnic and we fed a baby goat together! All in all a really busy day!

Here are a few pics:
Enjoying the tractor ride!

Abigail and Grandad with Stan!

Clapping at the birds of prey

Abigail the clown!

More swings to have fun on!

Feeding the baby goat

A baby goat having a nibble at my cardigan
(at least I hope it was my cardigan)

One of the lambs was called Holly!

Me and my little friend!

Stroking a bunny rabbit!

Me milking a fake cow

Tired out after a long day!

More pics here if you want to see them.

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