Thursday, 14 May 2009

It's all over... but this is just the beginning!

Gosh, what can I say! Thank you so much for all your supportive comments it means a lot! I am really pleased with the final edit, although my one liner "I am more of a kidney person!" is not my proudest moment! Ha Ha! Also when I said about my appearance on GMTV "I am just going to pretend I am talking to a normal person!" Like Ben Shephard isn't normal? Ha Ha! There was also a still of me that looked like I am eyeing him up! (Not that I wasn't, but I was hoping they wouldn't advertise the fact!)

I also didn't realise that they were filming me when I went into Sky News... this was good as I was more natural on camera but I sounded like a right wous saying "Do I have to go in there (the studio), ON MY OWN?!" Ha Ha! It was the first time I had seen footage of Sky news and GMTV, I didn't like the thought of watching myself on TV but was determined to watch the Battlefront Programme after all the work I had put in, and I am glad I did.

I have already been in touch with my mentor Oli Barrett with some projects I want to focus on so hopefully he will give me some input and introduce me to relevent people!

Thanks to everyone involved in the programme, first and foremost my family, for putting up with my mood swings and stresses over filming and the campaign!

GMTV, Sky News, The Battlefront Team (too many to list) Oli Barrett, Amy Maclaran, Emily Thackray, Live Life Then Give Life, Jessica Wales, Mr Bakran, Oli Foggin, Holly Cocker, Freya Austin, Abby Thackray and All the volunteers at the Photocall, Donor Day and the drinks reception!

Oh and don't forget to tune in same time, same place tomorrow! All the campaigners meet up to discuss their campaigns with each other, they are all inspirational people fighting for worthy causes. We also had the chance to mingle with influential people that may be able to help us in our quests!

I did a speech in front of them including Ed Balls MP and Esther Rantzen, so be sure to watch out for it! (Unless it has been cut, which is an option as Manpreet's and Alex's speeches were much better than mine!)

So the programme may be over... but the campaign doesn't stop, I am already plotting my next steps... and I am hoping to replicate the success of Donor Day in a new and innovative way...

So feel free to get involved, share your thoughts and ideas! I would love to hear them! Whether it be on the Battlefront website or at

Thanks again for your support, It's much appreciated! x


  1. I was in school today, so I videoed the programme, and I'm on study leave tomorrow so will be watching it, and tomorrow's, then! Well done one everything you've achieved :)

    Becky xx

  2. well done Holly, family and team was soo emotional to watch the programme. Such an inspiration to many with your hard work and dedication to help others' like yourself. Also brought back many memories of Rachs transplant which we are eternally grateful such a wonderful'gift'...

    take care best wishes Elaine Rach & family xx

    ps good luck with your degree at Uni.

  3. Well done Holly, the programme was fantastic! You have achieved so much in such a short space of time. Big cheers to all those who helped you along the way too xxx