Thursday, 7 May 2009

Battlefront Newsletter!


Holly Shaw, our 'Gift Of Life' campaigner, put on her national Donor Day on 7 April, to get as many people as possible to sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register. Aided by Battlefront mentors, Oli Barrett and Amy MacLaren, Holly and her supporters set up donor desks across the country and spread the word via Twitter, Bebo, Facbook and more. Their efforts led to nearly 3500 sign ups on just that day, and Holly's campaign URL became the second most re-tweeted tweet in the whole world! Holly was featured on GMTV and on Sky News. She also managed to persuade the Metro to change their masthead for the day, by putting a heart into the "O" of the title.

The icing on the cake came at the end of the day when Holly got a phone call from Number 10, where Gordon Brown himself congratulated her on the amazing job she is doing on behalf of organ donation charities. In fact the number 10 website now has a direct link to Holly's Battlefront page. Holly also has a new logo and website, , which she launched in time for her donor day that was created for her by Airlock and is another great platform for her campaign.

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  1. Supersonic, outeruniverse, amazing success hunny! U have done so well for so many others, thats just fab news!Thanx for ur sweet msgs...Im home at last and lovin' it! xxxx