Sunday, 10 May 2009

Battlefront on TV!

So Battlefront is airing tomorrow! A Documentary series following young people campaigning for issues they feel strongly about. Monday - Friday from 11.30am till 12.00 on Channel 4.

Here is the line up...

Monday 11th May
Alexander Rose - STOP gun and knife crime


Alexander was moved to do something positive out of his friends death and is encouraging young people to STOP carrying guns and knives and think about what else is out there instead of joining gangs.

Tuesday 12th May
Becky and Siobhan - Make a big change with your small change

Giving just 15p a day could change someone's life forever, Becky and Siobhan have spent time in Kenya and have seen children desperate for a chance in life, an education, but can't afford it. The girls are encouraging people to save their pennies and make a big difference both here and abroad.

Wednesday 13th May
James Greenhalgh - Down with Tuition Fees

James is fighting to abolish university fees so students can have free higher education. He believes that young people shouldn't be starting out in the world of employment owing money, or be put off going to university because of the fees. He suggests it should be free for everyone regardless of social class, background... regardless of anything!

Thursday 14th May - ME!
Holly Shaw - The Gift of Life

Follow me as I campaign for more people to join the organ donor register after my life-changing kidney transplant.

See me as I meet people who will help me in my campaign and as I organise a National Donor Day! Join the event on facebook here, to show your support!

Friday 15th May
All the campaigners meet up to discuss their campaigns with each other, they are all inspirational people fighting for worthy causes. We also had the chance to mingle with influential people that may be able to help us in our quests!
I did a speech in front of them including Ed Balls MP and Esther Rantzen, so be sure to watch out for it!

So there you go Monday - Friday this coming week, 11.30am on Channel 4!

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  1. I'll definitely be recording Thur and Fri's episodes :)

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