Thursday, 29 January 2009

I'm in The Sun today

There is an article on me today in The Sun, pg 44 (if you happen to have a copy) or if you don't you can read it by clicking here.

Then - Dialysis keeping me alive!

Now - New kidney ... new life

The interview only took place yesterday morning (over the phone) and then the freelance photographer came at 1.30! So not much notice!

A quote from the article, I think it says it all...

Holly is acutely aware of the gift the family of her donor has given her.

She says: “I will write to tell them what a difference the operation has made and my plans for the future.

“They have given me the gift of a longer, healthier life - what else could I ask for.”

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  1. Do you think you will lose all your excess weight when you come off steriods?

    You seen to have gained alot since the pic of you with bleached hair.

  2. Well I was self conscious as it is... that makes me feel tonnes better thanks!

    The picture with bleached hair was taken 2 years back and yes I hope when the steroids are reduced the weight will go down!

  3. Ouch Anonymous, was that really called for?

    Great article Holly, well done.

    L x

    PS you look fab too

  4. Hey hols,

    You've seen pictures of me in the first year post transplant and how round my face was compared to before! And you know what I look like now :)

    I think you look miles better in the second one actually. Your skin has a healthy gorgeous glow, your smile is more genuine, and you are an incredible superstar and have a healthy life ahead of you free from dialysis.

    So proud of you.


    ps - I have a funny feeling anonymous was setting out to be unkind - notice how there's no name...a clear indication of a troll setting out to say something rude so ignore the idiot ;) x

  5. Yoyo,

    So great to see you make the nationals! It was a really excellent, positive article -- You look totally fab and are living proof of how amazing organ donation is

    Lots of love,

    ps. Ignore that ridiculous comment above who is obviously just a troll and jealous of how amazing you are x

  6. Ignore that twat above Holz - some people can be so stupid! I'll tell you what I thought when I saw these two photos the other day:

    (First one): "Wow Holly looks stunning!"

    (Second one): "God Holly looks sick and pasty"

    Nothing is more attractive than someone with gorgeous pink skin, a healthy glow and a radiant smile - you have all 3 in bucketloads. Plus you have curves to die for! When I saw your photo of Facebook the other day (with your Mum and Abi) I nearly commented on the stunning cleavage you have developed but thought it might look a bit odd coming from a girl haha! But now I think 'sod it' - most women would give anything for curves like those! ;o)

    WE LOVE YOU HOLLY!!! xxxx

  7. Well done on your article Holly.
    Saw Noel edmonds show last nite and was so emotional with discussions from people waiting for transplants and donor famalies.

    take care best wishes Elaine & Rach xx

  8. Hunny u were grogeous 2 years ago and even more so now (if ythats poss) with ur special glow! U know, I've had those insensitive comments and really I just feel sorry for them. I didn't realise you were in The Sun...I will check u out online! I'm so proud of the work you're doing and hoping things are going well? U keep going girl. Some people say, 'ur face is really full' and I sarcastically respond 'really?' 'I never noticed!' and keep walking...we've all been thru so much gonna take more than that to break us eh?? Mwoah xxxx

  9. Congratulations! The immeasurable patience and incredible strength you showed while enduring the dialysis program really paid off. Honestly, you know what I think about the two pictures? The difference in your smile. Such smile that shows unexplainable bliss in the after picture is priceless. Take care!