Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Sorry I've not been good at updating, it's been a busy week! Have got lots of Uni work to do, an assignment comparing Pedagogy in England and Pedagogy in New Zealand, exciting stuff!

I have also been busy organising a trip to London to meet with the Battlefront team and my mentor Oli for the Gift of Life campaign! However I have not been feeling well since Sunday so I am hoping I will still be able to go on Thursday! Went to clinic on Monday and they were happy enough that it was just a bug I have picked up rather than anything too nasty, in fact my creatinine is the best it has ever been at 128!!!! That is great considering the surgeon that performed my transplant said it was unlikely to go below 180!

I have seen a lot of my sister in law and my little neice which has been lovely, she is growing up so quick and is able to sit up on her own now!

Anyway that's it for now, will update more soon, and of course bring you the next installment of my transplant journey!

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