Friday, 16 January 2009

Great news...

Little Bethany received another call for her new liver this morning, and all has gone ahead! No other news on her yet, really made up for her and her family. Thinking of them all lots, as well as the amazing donor and their family too who have given Bethany and her family this special gift.

Lets hope she makes a speedy recovery and is up and running about with her little sister soon!



  1. yeh it is the best news eh? Can't wait to hear how she's getting on. Hoping youth will pull her thru!! How u r sweet and ur new kidney (forgive me for forgeting his/her name. I hope ur both enjoying 2009 so far? I think Ive gone mad with my new life and have made too many plans. He he!!


  2. yer great news!! i have set up a blog site too now instead of my website, and added urs to mine now xx